friulan shoes

The "Papù", original friulan shoes

Our Friulans are made with the finest quality materials and while retaining their typology in machining, we are always at the forefront of the latest technology for your foot health.

We are strong in the notorious MADE IN ITALY and a ten-year family passion for this article that does not allow us to leave it in the hands of someone who does not love it and does not know how to make it.

For these reasons only a careful and continuous personal control guarantees us the serenity and the awareness of giving you a product worthy of its name. Someone is allowed to doubt the originality of our product for the right price that comes to the end customer, but we can afford this as PRODUCERS and not resellers.


The inner sole is made of a recycled cotton agglomerate that provides a sound barrier for the micro-trauma of the walk. The typical outer sole of the friulana made from the beginning with recycled bicycle covers, is maintained but enriched by the respect of the latest CE rules


Thanks to this technique, the inner coupling of our footwear keeps the breathability of our fabrics, guaranteeing the durability of the product and the possibility of washing them even in the washing machine.


That’s what remained the hand stitching to unite the upper to the sole, which is still today realized by the skilled and quick hands of our women as technology and industry have failed to equalize them.


Our Friulana are completely packaged in Italy by skilled craftsmen.

Take care of your Papù

The velvet of this shoe is 100% cotton and, as typical of products made of cotton pile, it may show some marks caused by pressure.

These nuances do not affect the quality and are easily solved with a light circular rubbing, with steam or with normal use.

This tire sole is applied to the felt exclusively with seams, normally subject to wear.

In this case it is not recommended to encourage the detachment, which can be solved with a drop of glue.

This footwear being handmade is exclusively sewn and glue-free, so it can be machine washed in the delicates.

This pair of friulans turns out to be interchangeable between right and left, only the closing of the superior border to hold in the false of the foot will be able initially to make to distinguish the two parts.

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